Top 6 Plastic Surgery Safety Tips

There are millions of plastic surgery procedures performed each year, and they run the gamut from non invasive liposuction to body contouring surgery like a full body lift. If you’re considering going “under the knife” this year, here’s what you need to know to make sure your surgery is as safe and rewarding as possible.

Now, before you begin your plastic surgery journey…

Write down every question you can imagine related to the procedure you’re looking to schedule. You’ll want to ask everything from, “are you board certified” to “what’s the tummy tuck cost?” and “how long is my expected recovery time?” Don’t risk forgetting your important questions because you’re nervous during your first consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Here are other questions to ask and facts you need to know to ensure you’re making the right choices as you choose plastic surgeon and schedule your procedure.

1) Seek Out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in PlanoDr. Angobaldo-Plastic Surgeon Plano TX

You have the freedom to choose any plastic surgeon you wish for your procedure, and it’s important that you choose one who has experience in the field. Did you know that medical doctors can perform complex procedures like breast augmentation surgery even if they’re not board certified and didn’t train in school as a plastic surgeon?

“Are you board certified” should be the first question you ask when you meet with plastic surgeons. Reputable cosmetic surgeons will always answer this question readily and without hesitation. Learning the art of safe, successful, and beneficial cosmetic surgery requires extensive training and mentorship.

Ask your surgeon how many times he’s performed the cosmetic procedure you want and whether he’s had training or a fellowship in a surgical specialty.

2) Choose a Doctor Who “Feels” Right to You

Don’t underestimate your own feelings when it comes to choosing your plastic surgeon. It’s natural to be nervous and apprehensive during your first consultation, particularly if you’ve never had a cosmetic procedure before. However, you have the right to choose any surgeon you wish.

Hopefully, you’ve come to the decision to arrange your procedure on your own and haven’t been influenced by others to get a procedure. You wouldn’t allow someone to convince you to arrange for a breast augment because, “well, honey, you’d look better with larger breasts.”

Your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should be your own, as should your choice of surgeon.

3) Ensure Your Health is Sufficient for Undergoing Surgery

Your surgeon will ask you several questions to determine whether you’re mentally and physically ready to undergo a cosmetic procedure. When undergoing surgery, it’s important that you refrain from habits like smoking or taking steroids because of the increased risk for complications that these behaviors can cause.

It’s also important that your overall health is appropriate for the surgical procedure you desire. A procedure like a men’s breast reduction will require the use of an anesthetic, and it can be dangerous to undergo a procedure if you have conditions like a heart murmur, respiratory system problems, or bleeding disorders.

Important: Your doctor will ask what drugs you’re taking, and your health depends upon honesty. Never lie to your surgeon, even if you’re taking illegal drugs.

4) Understand the Risks of Cosmetic SurgeryCosmetic Surgery Procedure Research

It should come as no surprise that various cosmetic procedures do come with risks. Following your surgeon’s instructions to the letter will reduce the likelihood of experiencing complications. However, it’s still important to be aware of what can happen when you undergo a procedure that requires anesthesia.

For example, if you’re looking at a breast augmentation, you’ll want to listen carefully as your surgeon describes the risks of breast augmentation, as well as how you can reduce those risks through safe recovery. You may even be able to reduce the length of recovery from breast augmentation or other procedures with exceptionally cautious behavior during postoperative care.

Know the risks of cosmetic surgery, so you can seek help immediately if you experience complications after a procedure.

5) Follow Every Instruction for Recovery

It’s essential that you commit yourself to a safe and responsible recovery period after your surgery. Some procedures like facial laser hair removal require virtually no recovery while something like liposuction for men may require a few days of rest after the procedure is complete.

Your surgeon will walk you through everything you need to know about your procedure, and one of the most important parts of that conversation will be the recommendations he gives you for a safe and healthy recovery.

Here are a few questions you can ask if you’re at all confused about the recovery timeline:

  • Where is the best place to recover after my surgery?
  • Do I need to take medication during recovery?
  • Does the surgery require that I wear bandages or have stitches?
  • Is a postoperative visit necessary?
  • When can I return to my job and when can I begin exercising again?

Never shy away from asking your surgeon questions that will help you experience a safe and successful cosmetic surgery procedure.

6) Don’t Shop Around for the Lowest Price

In virtually every area of our lives, we look for deals, steals, and sales. However, finding a plastic surgeon shouldn’t include cutting out a coupon from the newspaper for a “buy one breast, get one free!” augmentation. Obviously, price is one of the many questions you’ll have during your consultation, and it’s absolutely appropriate to ask, “how much are breast lifts?” when you meet with your surgeon.

However, the experience and reputation of your surgeon are much more important than the final price you’re quoted for your procedures. If you find a surgeon with whom you feel an immediate connection, you may think about asking about payment plans or modest discounts. Sometimes, you can pay less if you have more than one procedure at a time.

Consider: If you’re undergoing multiple procedures during one appointment, remember that you’ll have just a single recovery period rather than multiple recoveries after multiple surgeries.

With millions of plastic surgeries performed around the world each year, you can rest assured that your surgeon will take care of you and help you gain confidence in your life. Make sure your procedure has the best possible outcome by following these essential steps to a safe surgery.

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