Plastic Surgery for Dogs: A Growing Trend

We all love our pets and the joy that they bring us everyday. When our dogs curl up by our feet or our cats nuzzle into our arm, we feel that happy sensation and smile. But what if your pet could improve his or her look with plastic surgery? What if plastic surgery was able to help your dog with his or her health? Would you do it? Americans are starting to turn to plastic surgery for dogs as a growing trend develops towards the procedures for pooches.

What is plastic surgery for dogs?

Plastic surgery for dogs is just like it sounds. Humans have been going under the knife for cosmetic and health reasons with plastic surgery for decades. Dogs are jumping into the mix now, as humans want the best for their pets. Pets are becoming a larger source of plastic surgery as Americans do more and more for their pets.

One such plastic surgery is called “neuticles.” The “neuticles” procedure involves putting silicone implants in to replace neutered dog’s testicles. These implants do not offer any kind of health benefit to the dog, but human pet owners are interested in them and more than 425,000 pets now have these “neuticles” implants.

What about the plastic surgeries for health reasons?

It is true that a number of plastic surgeries for dogs are because of health reasons. Dogs, just like humans, sometimes have health reasons that really need to be treated and one of the best ways to treat them is through plastic surgery.

One such example of plastic surgery helping a dog with a health concern is the nose job. Dog breeds such as pugs and cat breeds such as Persians have flat noses that can make it difficult to breathe. When these breeds get nose jobs, they are able to breathe easier and end up with less health problems particularly when it comes to heat.

Why is plastic surgery for dogs a growing trend?

In the U.S., tail cropping and plastic surgery on the ears have been popular for years thanks to the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standards. Back in 1980, neuticles became popular and now dogs are in for all of the plastic surgery goodies.

Some believe that Americans are opting for plastic surgery specifically for the health benefits that some dogs receive through plastic surgery. Others think that this is an image trend that allows people to give their dog the “look” that they deem aesthetically pleasing. Only time will tell.

While we do not offer plastic surgery for dogs at our establishment, we recognize that plastic surgery for dogs is a growing trend and we will be watching the trend closely. If you have any human plastic surgery needs, please feel free to visit us at one of our four office locations in Plano, TX, Frisco TX, Dallas TX, and McKinney TX. We also are available via phone and offer personal consultations to discuss your human cosmetic procedure needs.

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