How do you choose a plastic surgeon?

Choosing a general physician is important, but how much more important is choosing a plastic surgeon? When you choose a plastic surgeon you are not just choosing someone who needs to diagnose your colds or differentiate between a broken and merely fragmented bone. You are choosing someone who is going to be operating on you and performing surgery that needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to you.

Begin with Google & Word of Mouth

Begin your plastic surgeon search by using a popular search engine (such as Google) and by asking around with your friends and family.

Google can help you decipher who is within driving distance (or flying distance if flying is an option for you) and can narrow down your list. You can also often find websites of plastic surgeons with information about their qualifications, experience, and certifications to further narrow down your possible list. Word of mouth is a great way to jumpstart your search and find a plastic surgeon that fits your needs. Ask friends and family who has performed their plastic surgery and how they felt about the process including recovery and final results.

Look at Qualifications, Experience, and Certifications

In the United States, anyone with a medical license can claim to be a plastic surgeon. However, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) does certify plastic surgeons with the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) specialty. Look for plastic surgeons that have this qualification. Then look at the number of years that they have been in practice, the type of plastic surgery procedures that they have performed, the kind of plastic surgery training that they have been through, and any other qualifications or certifications that they may have.

Trust Your Gut & Go With Your Instinct

This is sometimes a controversial thought, but we truly believe that it’s always best to “trust your gut” and go with your instinct when it comes to these kinds of life decisions. Look at the facts and mull over the qualifications, but then go and meet the plastic surgeons that make your top list.

Ask them questions and get a feel for who they are as people. There will be one or two doctors who just feel “right” to you and who you feel comfortable with. Those will be the doctors that you should choose from after you have already sifted through the qualifications and experience. Our instincts are usually right about people and a personal consultation with each plastic surgeon on your list can help you make the right choice for your plastic surgery.

We would love to meet you and share with you our passion for plastic surgery and creating both functional and aesthetically pleasing results. We have offices in four central TX locations: Frisco TX, Dallas TX, Plano TX, and McKinney TX. Our plastic surgeons are board-certified, qualified, and experienced professionals who help patients – just like you – achieve their cosmetic and functional plastic surgery goals every day.

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