Hand Surgery

Our hands are with us throughout our entire lives and they help us in ways that other body parts cannot. They help us to eat, to get dressed, to brush our teeth, to write, to type, to earn a living, and to create art. It is not necessary to have hands to survive, but hands are a part of everyday life in many ways. Without the use of hands, a person loses the ability to perform basic tasks.

Any problems that arise in the hands restrict a person’s way of life and intrude on their quality of life. Hand surgery is one way to fix these issues.

What is Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery is surgery that works to repair the hand and increase the condition of the hand as well as restore mobility and ability to function. There are several types of hand surgeries for many kinds of problems including carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, dupuytren’s contracture and natural birth defects.

The surgery itself will address the muscles in the hand and treat the issues that are making it impossible to use the hand to its optimal functionality. Many patients who undergo hand surgery see some mobility and functionality restored to their hands while a select few regain full mobility and functionality. Microsurgery is often involved in hand surgery in order to address the tiny tears and other problems in the hands.

A Hand Surgery Consultation

Hand surgeries often involve microsurgery and are highly individualized. A consultation for any surgery is recommended and several consultations may be required for a hand surgery appointment. Your surgeon will want to talk with you about your particular challenges and the mobility of your hands in their current state before making any plans for surgery. The consultation is also an important time for the patient as it is an opportunity to ask as many questions as needed.

What to Expect

As always, it is important to have realistic goals and a positive outlook for any surgery. Any surgeon who claims to know exactly what will happen after your hand surgery is effectively lying to you. We don’t know. We know that we can accomplish the impossible in reconstruction of some hands, but we don’t know what your outcome will be. Most hand surgeries take a few months to a full year (depending on the type of surgery) before all results are visible. It is crucial to have a positive outlook, but to be realistic about the possibilities of surgery and to understand that each patient’s results are different.

For more information about hand surgery or other plastic surgery procedures, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery. Our main office is in Plano, TX and Dr. Jeff Angobaldo is our resident plastic surgeon. You use your hands for almost everything that you do and if you can make using them easier then why wouldn’t you? Give yourself the gift of mobility today.

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