Swedish Massage in Plano, TX

What does Swedish Massage entail?

You must have wondered how you can reduce low back pain or body inflammation. Through massage; you would get a gentle, soothing rub to relax your body or relieve aches, under dim lights and pleasant smells.

The Swedish Massage is the most accepted and known form of massage as it helps in reducing joint stiffness, relieving body pain, and enhances blood circulation to the muscle groups. It became popular during the first half of the 20th century as a complete physiotherapy system.

It involves gentle and firm strokes along your back to the arms, shoulders and then down to the legs, face up and then face down.

There are five styles of strokes employed in Swedish massage:

1. Sliding or gliding

Here, therapists use long, gliding strokes over the entire body and not just focusing on one part.

2. Kneading

It is the art of beating with the hand and squeezing of the muscle tissues. Using the fingertips and thumb, massage therapists work deeper into the muscles, getting them to relax.

3. Friction

It is a circular stroke (or series of short strokes) that produces heat with the muscle’s fiber line or cross the tissue to break up adhesions of the muscle.

4. Stretching

Here, therapists manipulate the muscle groups of the legs or arms by stretching into several positions which kind of increases their length.

5. Rhythmic tapping

Done using percussion technique, this involves tapping muscles with edge of therapist’s hands

The spa therapist performs the various strokes by lubricating your skin with massage oil, as you lie under a clean sheet, on a soft table. Massage therapists are known to do in-depth works on tight areas of the muscle, to warm up the tissues and make you release tension.

There are safe and efficient individualized Swedish massage sessions which offer healing on different levels and will facilitate dynamic balance to enhance your wellness and relaxation.

Incredible Benefits of Swedish Massage

There are a lot of benefits to be gotten from this massage, ranging from body relaxation to allowing for proper blood circulation, knee arthritis reduction, reducing blood pressure, relieving body pain and headaches, easing symptoms of fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome, and boosting of the immune system functions.

• Body Relaxation

The main benefit of the Swedish massage is its provision of whole body relaxation. The different strokes of the massage relax your body and muscles, and the experience also stops mental stress. Usually carried out on a soft massage table and in a relaxed environment, a Swedish session addresses the major muscle groups, relaxing the body and muscle tension.

The kind of body relaxation massage that’ll be effective for you depends on your goal, body needs, and budget. Having a consultation with a therapist who’s experienced in Swedish massage will inform you of the best method to utilize.

• Increased Blood Flow

Swedish massage helps to facilitate the better movements of the body’s circulatory system. With the way the strokes get performed toward the heart, you get to drain out metabolic waste from the body’s limbs. Some of the strokes applied in this therapy increase blood circulation or flow and further quickens the bodily waste (or toxins) removal.

• Body Pain Relief

It is also employed as a crucial component of pain management protocols by sportsmen to avoid injuries. Sessions, depending on which, target some areas of the body individually. From sprained ankles to knee arthritis, applying strokes like kneading, friction (with fibers) and stretching improves the flow of blood and the whole body relaxation, to bear painful conditions.

Through birth or not, those with congenital dysplasia or a misaligned hip socket suffer muscle tightness in their legs. It worsens when they overuse the stressed muscle or abnormal development. The regular Swedish strokes will help manage the pain before eventually doing surgery to correct the malformation.

• Reducing Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue

New studies have shown that this massage therapy is applicable for reduction of distress and fatigue by people who need it, especially cancer patients. The therapy boosts your body’s immune system and lowers anxiety level.

With the various benefits gained from therapeutic massage, incapacitation caused by cancer-related fatigue gets diminished.

Studied and applied lately is massage therapy as a viable aid for patients with neuromuscular disorders (like multiple sclerosis – MS). The Medical School of the University of Miami, in 2014, carried out a study of twenty people with MS, participating in five weeks of massage experiment. About half of the people got a forty-five-minute massage more than once a week (twice) while the other half got standard medical treatment. Patients that underwent the massage experienced far less anxiety and lowered depression, improved social function, greater self-esteem and enhanced body image.

Apparently, the Swedish massage helps reduce salivary cortisol (the stress hormone) and increases serotonin, thus leaving you in a feel good bliss.

What’s the Duration of a Standard Swedish Massage?

Various elements determine how long a Swedish massage lasts.

Depending on spa or therapists, tolerance to treatment, goal, and budget of individual getting the massage; a regular Swedish session lasts for about thirty to sixty minutes.

In some cases, some sessions last for as long as ninety minutes or even two hours.

Swedish massages come in different ways, based on each person’s need. If you are looking to rejuvenate your body, reduce stress and body inflammation, we have massage treatments to meet your needs.

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