Hot Stone Massage in Plano, TX

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Over the years and since historical times, natural therapeutic options have adopted. This has continued down to this day despite the vast technological advancement humans have made in the medical field. This article focuses on one of those treatment options: hot stone massage.

What is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

Hot stone massage is a procedure that involves the use of smooth, heated stones for body massages. The stones are placed on the body by a massage therapist to relieve it from stress and anxiety. Over the years, the hot stone massage has become quite popular. A lot of people go to spas for this form of treatment.

Most people request for a hot stone massage as it helps them relax and release stress. It is also an excellent way of treating yourself to some pampering while caring for your overall health and wellness.

Historical Background

The therapy picks its name from the hot stones placed on the patient’s back faced down on the massage table. There are some massage therapists whose area of specialty is in performing hot stone massage. These individuals know how to use it and precisely the right spot to place the stones for effective results.

From the manner, it is depicted, and its current popularity, you may mistake this type of massage as a new technique. But surprisingly, it has been around for ages and used as an individual treatment.

This therapy is believed to have been around for centuries, and that Native Americans used them to cure themselves of numbers diseases and disorders. It is also used for therapeutic purposes and spiritual health. As far as the details of how hot stones originated, it is believed that some natives who settled in Arizona were the first to come up with it.

How Does it Work?

The work of this type of massage is not just for relaxation and comfort, but to treat different health issues as well. The process of using these hot stones involves; transferring the heat from the stones to the body, then the therapist uses them to massage the back and the legs. The heat from the stones does most of the work. The heat helps to soothe tired muscles, aches, and pains and the patient ends up feeling much better after the experience.

What Are The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage has so many benefits (no wonder it is the favorite choice for massage therapists). The heat that comes from the stones relaxes the muscles of the body and free it from any stress and anxiety. This is one of the numerous benefits, let us go over some of the other major advantages:

• Reducing pain and minimizing discomfort. In the massage session, the tissue becomes significantly better after the hot stones are used on the body.

• Improving blood flow and easing circulation around the body.

• Preventing countless major and minor health issues.

• Reducing anxiety, and back pain, as well as depression.

• Reducing stress and enhancing mental capacity.

• Improving memory and focus.

• Soothing the nerves and regulating symptoms associated with painful conditions, including osteoarthritis.

• Regulating the function of the entire nervous system.

How Does The Therapy Work?

Stones made from basalt are favorable for hot stones massages. The reason for this is because they can retain heat for extended periods of time. Moreover, stones and flat rocks gotten from the corners of rivers are also ideal for this therapy.

They are smooth with the ability to reduce the risk of abrasions on the skin. A massage therapist usually uses different types of stones when carrying out the procedure.

The stones are heated up and placed on various parts of the body for maximum effect. A massage therapist job is to decide which stone to use on which part of the body in a massage session. Most times, the stones used on the hand would be different from those placed on the back.

The therapist first dips the rocks in the water, then heat them up with specialized equipment. The machine is used to keep the stones warm to a particular temperature, in order not to burn the skin if it’s too hot or loses effect. The massage therapist usually placed a sheet before going to work on the body, placing the stones on specific parts of the body to loosen the muscles and ease relaxation.

Sometimes, the therapist uses massage oil on the body before embarking on a massage session. Holding the stones in the palms, the therapist with smooth movements move the rocks along the muscles of the body with added pressure.

Is This Technique Recommended?

Here are the things to keep in mind before going for a hot stone massage session. First, understand that this type of massage is not for everybody, so it’s best to obtain the approval of a doctor before going for one. Also contact your doctor to be sure if your recent radiation or chemotherapy treatment will go well with this type of massage.

Important Information

If you have any of these related diseases like varicose veins, diabetes, heart disease, migraines, tumors, inflamed skin, metal implants, rheumatoid arthritis, or any fresh wounds, ensure to check with your doctor before going for a hot stone massage session.

Pregnant women should also ensure to check with their doctor if this type of massage is safe for them.


Hot stone massage therapy is one of the most useful and popular types of procedures. While a lot of people find the procedure soothing to the mind, spirit, and body, it is best to ensure that it is the right type of treatment for you.

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