Stretchmark Treatment in Plano, TX

Laser Plastic Surgery For Stretchmarks

Lots of people have stretchmarks. While some have them on hidden parts of the body like the tummy, thighs, lower back and hips, others have them in places that are quite visible like the upper arms. This prevents them from going out in public places in outfits they normally would. At times when they even try to wear what they like or are comfortable in, they become embarrassed when comments are made pointing out the unpleasant lines or scars on the skin.

Everyone desires a glowing and healthy-looking body without off color scars. That is not only because it makes people proud of their bodies, but it builds their confidence as well. Getting rid of stretch marks, though daunting is not an impossible task. There are a number of ways to treat stretchmarks. They include the use of lotions, creams, lasers, gels and oils. Stretchmarks cannot only be got rid of partially or temporarily; but completely and permanently. A very effective way to get rid of these unwanted lines is Laser Plastic Surgery.

What Is Laser Plastic Surgery?

Laser plastic surgery involves the tightening of the skin. The use of lasers generally reduces uneven pigmentation. The method is performed with the use of a laser beam on the body area with stretch marks. The laser beam is used to remove the normal layers of skin around the marks. Ultra violet rays are used on the skin to kindle the molecules on the skin. This stimulates the disintegration of cells in that body area. It also effectively removes the affected skin tissue. A new skin is then developed. This new skin is flawless because the cells are new. Light wavelengths are used to induce the growth of collagen and elastin; or production of melanin in the body. Collagen and elastin are good for a healthy skin.

What are The Benefits of Laser Plastic Surgery for The Treatment of Stretchmarks?

Laser plastic surgery helps remove the appearance of stretchmarks on the body. Unlike other methods of treatment, it is a safe and effective reduction of both the early onset and the late stage stretchmarks. It has the ability to remove the unsightly marks completely and quickly. Its benefits include:

Absence of Surgery

This stretchmark treatment has the ability to fade your stretchmarks. The therapy which involves the stimulation of collagen in the skin saves you the risk and scare of resorting to a surgical operation.

Affordability of Treatment

It is a less expensive method of removing stretchmarks while being compared to other treatment methods like microdermabrasion. The cost is extremely reasonable.

Availability of Options

Since there are different methods of laser treatment, you have the freedom to adopt one which suits you. Your choice may be based on the number of sessions that need to be taken or the amount that has to be paid to undergo such treatment.

Minimum Discomfort and Duration

The treatment is not a stressful or time consuming one. It allows you to walk away as soon as you are done with the treatment process. You are even allowed to be treated as an outpatient or one who undergoes only one session. Thus, you do not need to take days off work or activities as your body is rejuvenated, not weakened as to require a downtime.

Visibility of Results:

After only a few sessions, you are sure to notice a difference in the way your skin looks. This is because the production of elastic and collagen would have been stimulated by the use of laser beams. The elastin and collagen produced help your body to repair itself naturally and give you a skin without stretch marks, in very little or no time.

Minimal Side Effects

Common side effects like the swelling of the affected areas, bruises and discolorations that arise from attempts to remove stretchmarks are not prevalent when laser treatment is opted for.

What Is the Duration of Stretchmarks Treatment Using Laser Plastic Surgery?

Unlike other treatment methods that possibly take a longer time to clear stretchmarks, laser plastic surgery does not take too much of your time. A typical laser treatment of stretchmarks takes about thirty minutes or less of your time. However, some patients require three to five treatment sessions so as to remove completely, the numerous stretch marks on their bodies.

Though there are the different treatments available to help people in the achievement of the desire of having flawless, glowing skin, a lot of people prefer to undergo the laser treatment. Apart from being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A), it has proven over the years, to be very effective. Its effectiveness is guaranteed in finding a good surgeon or medical practitioner to conduct the treatment.

Stretchmarks can affect your self-esteem in so many ways, and today, it can be treated with laser surgery.

Are you overly conscious of the stretch marks on your body and you’re not satisfied whenever you see them or when comments are made about them? You need to get your skin treated with laser. You need the type of skin that makes you happy. Laser treatment is a very effective yet cheap method of getting yourself that beautiful skin and you do not even have to go through the rigors of searching for certified doctors that can help achieve your desire.

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